Ugly Location Challenge – San Diego Family Photographer

There is a trend that is growing in popularity among photographers in recent months. The challenge is to take an “ugly” or every day location and turn it into the backdrop for artistic portraits. I have seen photographers go to Ikea, Target, Michaels, Hobby Lobby, Home Depot and Lowes to create works of art. My daughter’s seventh birthday was this last month and it seemed like the perfect time to take on the challenge and see what we could create for her yearly birthday portraits. We went to our local craft store, which is hardly an “ugly” location if you ask me. The lighting wasn’t ideal, but we made it work. I am really happy with how these portraits turned out. The best part, we had a lot of fun together! Although, I did have to bribe my daughter with a toy from the store. She has a small case of photographer’s daughter syndrome and doesn’t love to have her photo taken. But, looking at her portraits, you would never know. With the success of this photo shoot, I’m considering taking on another “ugly location”. Where should I go?

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A Fall Photo Session in San Marcos, CA – The Baumgart Family

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There are certain moments as a photographer that completely take my breath away. I feel the emotion of the moment, click my shutter, and know that emotion will be captured forever. THIS was one of those moments. All of the stars aligned. The location, the family, the light, and the connection – it all came together to create a photograph that will be one of my favorites of all time. Thank you so much to the Baumgart family for giving me this moment. Every time I see this photo, I feel that connection between this beautiful mother and her child, it makes me feel the connection that I have with my children, and it brings tears to my eyes.

Little Sierra just turned one and she is quite the charmer. My husband came along to assist me with sessions that day, and she had him wrapped around her little finger. She was throwing him all of her smiles and even blowing kisses. It was such a joy to create memories with this beautiful family. I am so looking forward to creating memories with them for years to come.

Here are a few of my favorites from their session:



Rotten to the Core – San Diego County Photographer

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This is my all time favorite session ever! My daughter has become slightly obsessed with the Disney Descendants movies (ok, ok… so have I. I catch myself singing “What’s my Name” and “Rotten to the Core” more often than I care to admit). She begged me to let her be Evie for Halloween (this is the character that is the evil queen’s daughter). When her cute friend Kamren decided to be Mal (Malificent’s daughter) for Halloween, I had an idea. Kam’s mom Brianna is a make up artist (@beautybybreezy_) and I am a photographer. Why not go ALL OUT and do a Descendants themed shoot of them in their costumes?

San Diego Photographer, Escondido Photographer, Carlsbad Photographer, La Jolla Photographer, Encinitas Photographer, Del Mar Photographer, Occeanside Photographer

I wanted a location that would look like the Isle of the Lost from the movies. We searched for hours and found the best locations with graffiti murals by Zane Kingcade right here in Escondido.

San Diego Photographer, Escondido Photographer, Carlsbad Photographer, La Jolla Photographer, Encinitas Photographer, Del Mar Photographer, Occeanside Photographer

We played our favorite songs from the movies to help the girls get into character. We all had so much fun and I couldn’t be happier with how the photos turned out! When I was 6, I would have flipped out if I had professional make up and a photo shoot as my favorite character. I hope that I will be winning some mom awards in my daughter’s eyes.


A San Diego Girl in a Salt Lake City World – San Diego Family Photographer

I moved to San Diego soon after discovering my love for photography, and I have been here for years. So, I haven’t had the opportunity to photograph most of my family and friends in Utah. I was glad to finally be able to share my passion for photography with them. I had a wonderful photographer friend that came to help me and she even got some fun behind the scenes shots of me in action. When she sent me the photos she took of me, she titled it the “Photo Session Bonanza”. It’s quite fitting! Somehow, by some miracle, I managed to do ten shoots in one weekend! All while traveling with an infant. I must be out of my mind. But, I loved every minute of it. Don’t mind my hair… it was 100 degrees outside!

Photos by Laurie Ellsworth Photography. If you are in Utah, I highly recommend her!

Here are a few sneak peeks at what I have been working on. If you don’t see me for a while, it is likely that I am at home editing! I set a new personal record for the number of sessions completed in one weekend. I might just make a tradition out of this, so, if you are located in Utah – I may just be back to do your session too! Or, if you are ever in San Diego, let me know! I love to do sessions for Utahans that are visiting!




Kindergarten Graduation Mini Sessions

Summer is so close, I can almost taste the all of the ice cream that I am about to consume! Ok, ok… I’ll admit it. I have already stocked the freezer with Choco-tacos and Klondike bars. I’ll also admit that they are already almost gone. My late nights of editing call for ice cream!

My sweet little girl is graduating kindergarten in just a couple of days. Schools here in Escondido don’t let out for summer until June 20th. Kindergarten Graduation is such a special time and a big accomplishment. Our school doesn’t do a graduation ceremony. I still wanted to make a HUGE big deal out of this moment for my daughter and her classmates. So, I got a cap and gown and threw a graduation mini session event! I just absolutely love how the pictures turned out.

Congrats graduates! First grade is going to be amazing. I hope you all have a wonderful summer full of ice cream treats! See you in August!