Having your senior photographs done is an exciting rite of passage, and this shot will most likely be viewed and appreciated by many people. Senior images are used in yearbooks, and graduation announcements, and framed as gifts to loved ones or friends as souvenirs, with comments written on the reverse reflecting shared experiences and future wishes. To ensure that the session is fun, memorable, and stress-free, it’s advisable to prepare for a senior session in advance.

Bring your best self: rested, prepared, nourished, and open-minded. The idea is to capture your natural grin and body language, as well as your own hobbies, style, and interests. Bring your instrument if you play one and get an experienced San Diego Senior Photographer for the best photos. Bring a ball, baton, or racquet if you play a sport or two – varsity jackets also look excellent in photographs! Your images should be a reflection of and celebration of your unique personality. 

High school senior posing for a graduation photo taken by photographer Loni Brooke Photography
By Loni Brooke Photography


The most important thing that comes to our minds while you prepare for a senior session is clothing. Now is the moment to be yourself, so put on whatever you like and feel most at ease in. Choose a costume that is a representative of your personality. Bring two outfits, one casual and the other a bit fancier. We’ll have a lot of fun experimenting with alternative looks.

Before the picture session, make sure you test your clothing. It’s critical that everything fits properly and that you feel at ease in your clothes. Even the best San Diego Senior Photography would be futile if you don’t like how it fits you or how it looks in the mirror.

Any garments that need to be pressed should be ironed and hung up before your shot so they don’t get wrinkles.

Senior portrait of girl at The Hotel Del in San Diego
By Loni Brooke Photography

Interests and close-up

The memories have to be curated, right? This is only possible by capturing each moment of the senior prom. You may have spent hours choosing a perfect pair of clothing that you shall wear on prom, but the girls still have to work their way around to enclose each detail of their makeup. 

Get yourself well-groomed. It isn’t every day that you get a chance to attend a senior prom. Get a facial for the glow on your face, and a haircut to get that ‘decent and attractive’ look all along. The perfect San Diego Senior Photographer is going to ensure that all the minute details are captured for you to cherish them even after decades. 

San Diego senior photograph of teen boy leaning on a fence
By Loni Brooke Photography

Skin does matter

It is all about preferences. Gentlemen! If you love keeping your face clean shaved and without beard, then make sure you shave the same morning. Apply some after-shave and rinse your face with cold water. This will bring the steadiness and glow. 

And ladies! We know you may love to go sleeveless or wear short clothing, so, it is always a good choice to shave or wax. Neat and tidy is what brings out the best in a photograph, right? Your ultimate goal needs to be ‘to present yourself and bring out the charm.

San Diego senior photography of teen girl standing in the cactus garden in Balboa Park
By Loni Brooke Photography

We are almost there!

If you want to portraits with props to showcase your high school experience (such as instruments, sports memorabilia or awards), then make sure you don’t forget them in your closet or leave them in the trunk of your car. Carry your favorite props and have a great time for the best pictures in your senior sessions.

Remember to have fun and pose to your heart’s content. The day belongs to you. The experience that a good San Diego Senior Photographer holds is quite the edge. So, smile to your fullest while the gather the perfect memories of a life time.

Senior Photography of teen girl throwing her graduation cap at the beach in San Diego
By Loni Brooke Photography
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