Make a Splash at Your Beach Photo Session!

Girl splashing in the ocean in San Diego

As a family photographer in San Diego county, it comes as no surprise that my most requested locations are the many beautiful beaches. I often come home covered in sand and soaked from head to toe. It has become a joke at my house that my family measures the success of my session by how soaked I am when I come home.

Couple kissing in the ocean and holding their puppies

I squeal with excitement every time a client lets me know that they would like to play in the ocean to end their session. It is one of my favorite ways to document their personalities and capture the fun that we had at their session.

Family playing in the ocean in Coronado, California

Can you imagine sending your annual holiday card or your pregnancy announcement with a fun and candid photo of you splashing in the waves?

Maternity portrait of a couple kissing in the ocean in San Diego

Playing in the water is a wonderful way to document childhood. We don’t just want to remember the posed smiles and perfectly placed hair. We want to remember the happiness all over our children’s faces in authentic moments of their lives. Allowing children to play at their beach sessions always leads to the favorite photos from the entire session.

Boy playing in the ocean at Pacific Beach in San Diego
Girl playing at the beach near Scripps Pier
Brothers playing together at the beach in La Jolla

It is also a great way to capture the bond between a family. It’s impossible not to let down your guard and react naturally while playing in the ocean. The unpredictability of the waves really brings out true reactions and interactions between family members.

Father and sons playing in the ocean at Pacific Beach in San Diego
Carlsbad family photography session at the beach
Portrait of father and son playing in the Ocean in San Diego, California
Family at the beach in San Diego
Family playing in the ocean during their portrait session at Ponto Beach in Carlsbad

I love the romance and intimacy that getting in the water brings to a couples session as well.

Couple kissing at Coronado Beach during their portrait session

If you have a beach session coming up, I highly recommend letting go of any worries that you might have about getting in the water and go for it! You won’t regret it. If you are local to San Diego county or will be visiting the area and would like to book a beach portrait session with Loni Brooke Photography, contact me HERE.

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