Meet Loni Brooke


Hi! I’m Loni Brooke (you can call me Brooke). I’m a San Diego County portrait photographer. My love for photography started on the day I was born.  I invented the blue steel look for newborns! As a child, I was always setting up photo shoots for my friends. It’s so much better now that I don’t have to save all of my allowance money to develop film. I did learn how to develop my own film in the dark room in college. You would think that digital would make things easier. But, now I spend much more time in Lightroom (photo editing software) than I ever did in the dark room. I purchased my first DSLR in 2011 to attempt to take better pictures of my daughter. Since then, my passion (and thankfully, my skills) for photography have deepened. I’ve found a way to do what I love as a career and be with my family. Win win.

Now… on to the things that you really want to know!

1. I am a newbie vegan! I have been a vegetarian all of my life (more like a cheese-atarain), but I recently took the plunge into a plant based lifestyle. If it weren’t for cashew milk “ice cream”, I might have died from the ice cream withdrawals.

2. I like to confuse people by going by my middle name.  Yes my name is Loni Brooke. Please call me Brooke.

3. Beer is gross. But sour beer… heaven. Thank God I live in the craft beer Mecca and have access to countless sours.

4. I have “murderer’s thumbs”.  It’s a real thing. Google it. I think it means I’m related to Megan Fox.

5. At 28, I was given a second chance at life.  I’m a very young stroke survivor. I’m very happy to be around to tell you all about it.  I’m making the most of the new life that I was given and I’m loving it. Moving to San Diego three years ago was part of that new adventure.

6. Sleep is for the weak. At least that is what I tell myself to make myself feel better about the fact that I am an insomniac that gets maybe 3 hours of sleep per night.

7. I met my husband on an airplane. It was one of those “meet cute” moments that could be in a romantic comedy. (You can read all about it HERE if you are curious).

8. I must be crazy.  I started my business just weeks after after my son was born. Great timing, right?

9. I’m from Utah (no, I’m not Mormon. But I have a lot of friends and family that are). I miss home daily and try to go back a few times per year.

10. I am terrified of birds. It’s so not even funny.

Let’s connect! I would love to meet you!