Ugly Location Challenge – San Diego Family Photographer

There is a trend that is growing in popularity among photographers in recent months. The challenge is to take an “ugly” or every day location and turn it into the backdrop for artistic portraits. I have seen photographers go to Ikea, Target, Michaels, Hobby Lobby, Home Depot and Lowes to create works of art. My daughter’s seventh birthday was this last month and it seemed like the perfect time to take on the challenge and see what we could create for her yearly birthday portraits. We went to our local craft store, which is hardly an “ugly” location if you ask me. The lighting wasn’t ideal, but we made it work. I am really happy with how these portraits turned out. The best part, we had a lot of fun together! Although, I did have to bribe my daughter with a toy from the store. She has a small case of photographer’s daughter syndrome and doesn’t love to have her photo taken. But, looking at her portraits, you would never know. With the success of this photo shoot, I’m considering taking on another “ugly location”. Where should I go?

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